The Glorious Gospel (Hymn Sheet)

Words by Stephen Zempel
Music by Daniel J Van Gelderen

A digital hymn sheet available in two sizes you can print to insert in your hymnal, use in your orchestra, in your home, or in any other worship setting.



The world lay in the sway of sin,
And every day was night.
Creation murmured for relief,
The race of Adam sank in grief,
Beyond the reach of light.
But God in heaven spoke the word,
And glorious gospel light appeared.
From heaven came the word,
And gospel light appeared.

God gave His one and only Son;
No more could heaven give.
The One on whom our soul depends
Was wounded in the house of friends
And died that we might live.
Behold the Father’s precious plan:
The glorious gospel now a Man.
Behold the Father’s plan:
The gospel now a Man.

No tongue or pen of mortal men,
No angel song above,
Could fully tell the Savior’s worth;
But God, in vessels made of earth,
Can best display his love.
In every heart that God refines
The glorious gospel treasure shines.
In hearts that God refines,
The gospel treasure shines.

All nations bow before Him now,
The Lamb upon His throne.
This mighty chorus robed in white,
Redeemed beyond the reach of night,
Are His, and His alone.
A thousand thousand at His feet
The glorious gospel made complete.
They worship at His feet,
The gospel made complete.

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PDF Size

5.5" x 8.5", 8.5" x 11"

Music by

Daniel J Van Gelderen

Words by

Stephen Zempel