Help men find freedom from sexual bondage.

The attack on moral purity today is undeniable. The failure in lives is deeper than we want to believe. The grip of pornography, fantasy, and self-gratification is strangling the spiritual life out of the leaders of our homes and churches. It's time to tackle this issue head-on, but how do we even begin? That's what RENEW is all about, and we need your help to complete this much-needed tool.

We are building a tool to transform lives, homes, and churches.

RENEW is a cinematic discipleship series designed to confront the root causes of moral failure and give practical, biblical steps for living in sustained victory, strengthening marriage, and living a life that matters for eternity.

Scripture-Saturated Solutions

RENEW is not modern psychology's solutions with a little Bible truth sprinkled in. The teaching and steps of RENEW are sourced entirely in the Word of God.

Relationship Oriented

RENEW is more than just a set of rules or principles to live by. It is an invitation to a deep, meaningful relationship - with God, with men in your RENEW group, and with your spouse.

Local Church Focused

We don't want to replace you and your ministry. We want to equip you with the tools that you need in your church to confidently tackle this critical area of moral purity.

A pathway to freedom. A commission to change eternity.

RENEW isn't just about getting free from sexual addiction so that you don't feel guilty anymore. It's about entering into the life that God always intended for you—a life of power, light, and purpose. Our God is a master at taking those who were once bound in shame and darkness and transforming them into a powerful weapon that He can use to set people free and bring eternal glory to Jesus.
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Content Overview

The RENEW series is laid out into the following 14 episodes. Each video lesson includes core teaching by Dr. Jim Van Gelderen and Biblical Counselor Ron Visser, real-life stories of transformation, insightful perspectives from experts, and practical steps for your daily life, marriage, and walk with God.
Episode 1

Reclaiming Purity. Experiencing God.

Episode 2

The Source of Bondage

Episode 3

Faces of Deception

Episode 4

The Way Forward

Episode 5

No Place for Satan

Episode 6

Catalysts of Bondage

Episode 7

The Gift of Pain

Episode 8

Breaking the Power of Secrecy

Episode 9

Rebuilding Trust

Episode 10

The Power for Change

Episode 11

Extreme Love

Episode 12

Demolishing the Lies

Episode 13

Zero Tolerance

Episode 14

It's Not About You: Living for Eternity


How can I help?

We cannot complete this project alone. We would love to have you partner with us in the following three ways.


Pray specifically for provision and for wisdom and power for those being filmed, our leadership team, and the production team members.


The production of RENEW depends entirely upon the generosity of people who believe in what we are doing. Every donation, whether $1 or $1,000, helps us to be able to continue through the filming and editing process.


Let other people know about the project so that they can participate in supporting the project.


Project Scope & Structure


Total Raised: $10,000

Phase completed!

Phase 1

Filming Thematic Footage & Core Teaching


Total Raised: $75,000

Phase completed!

Phase 2

Filming Interviews & Testimonies


Total Raised: $47,011

Phase 3

Post-Production & Delivery


Total Raised: $0
Total Project Cost


Total Raised: $132,011

Get Involved

Support the RENEW project through a one-time or recurring gift online. Your donation will enable us to continue filming and get this much-needed resource into the hands of local churches as soon as possible.
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