Battle Plan for Victory

by Jim Van Gelderen and Bobby Bosler

Topically-organized quad-fold pamphlet designed to help young people deal with personal sin issues and to find victory through the Lord Jesus Christ. Sold in packs of 25.



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The Battle Plan for Victory is a high-quality, printed quad-fold pamphlet that provides topically organized verses for issues that teens often face. This tool has been used by Jim Van Gelderen and the War of Special Forces teams for decades to lead young people to deal with sin issues and to find victory through the Lord Jesus Christ.

The process is three simple steps:

  1. Uncover your sin by examining God’s Word and being honest about failure to God and authorities,
  2. Absorb God’s Word by meditating on specific verses pertaining to the issue and surrendering to God’s expectations,
  3. Depend on Jesus to give you the strength to obey and live in true victory. This pamphlet is so much more than information—it’s a roadmap to God-dependence for Spirit-enablement for anyone who wants it!

These pamphlets are available in bundles of 25 and are ideal for any church, youth group, counselor, camp, or youth pastor that wants a handy resource to lead others to victory!

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Bobby Bosler, Jim Van Gelderen

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