God's Love is More (Hymn Sheet)

Words by Stephen Zempel
Music by Daniel J Van Gelderen

The 2022 Extreme Love Victory Conference theme song. A digital hymn sheet available in two sizes you can print to insert in your hymnal, use in your orchestra, in your home, or in any other worship setting.



When the love of my Lord was from Calv’ry outpoured,
And the weight of the world Jesus bore,
All the earth filled with love shed abroad from above,
And I saw that God’s love is more.

A love so real, so rich and strong,
A love more limitless and long,
Than all my soul was longing for;
God’s love is more, God’s love is more.

Then His love drew me in from the wasteland of sin;
It was love that had opened the door;
For sin’s curse may be long and its hold may be strong,
But I learned that God’s love is more.

Yet I long tried to hide all the hurt deep inside,
Like a prodigal, broken and poor;
In the struggle and strife of my wandering life,
Always doubting God’s love is more.

Then He called me back home, and He bid me to come
And to know Him as never before.
So I flew to His side, to His arms open wide,
Where I found that God’s love is more.

Product Details

PDF Size

5.5" x 8.5", 8.5" x 11"

Music by

Daniel J Van Gelderen

Words by

Stephen Zempel