Christ Walk Journal Refill (13 Week)

by Mark Gillmore, Sr. and Micah Shoultz

The 13-week refill for the Christ Walk Journal contains the filler pages needed to continue using the Christ Walk Journal.


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The Christ Walk Journal is a tool designed to help any believer discover God, obey His voice, and share their relationship with Him! Walking with God and teaching others to do the same is what the disciple of Christ does. At the core of who you are as a believer is the reality that God made you to multiply. As you live connected to God through the Word of God and prayer, your life will have impact on those around you – the impact of the life of Christ lived out through you. This is The Christ Walk.

The 13-week refill for the Christ Walk Journal is designed for those who have previously purchased a Christ Walk Journal. The refill contains:
– One set of Introduction pages
– 13 weeks of Daily Journal pages
– One set of Prayer Helps pages
– 8 weeks of Small Group pages
– 12 weeks of Sermon Note pages (2 pages per week)

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