Discovery Zone Green Kid's Journal

by Joseph and Mary Jane Mueller

The Discovery Zone Christ Walk Journal is an age-graded tool to help elementary children walk with God and to share what they learned with others.
1 - 10 $18.00
11 - 49 $17.00
50 + $16.00


We live in a world where it is clear that the devil is fighting hard for our children. He knows the amazing potential that our children have to love God with all their hearts and do something great for Him. The devil also knows that the easiest way to keep our young people from ever reaching that potential is to ensnare them in their early years of life. We believe that there is only one way to keep them from falling for the devil’s lies—a genuine, open walk with God. The Discovery Zone Kid’s Journal attempts to help children do just that—walk with God.

The Discovery Zone Christ Walk Journal uses the same progression as the adult Christ Walk Journal, just with simplified terms or more definition. It does not have specific time recommendations built in, but it is designed to be something that will take more than 5 minutes. We want them to learn that meeting with God takes purposeful time. These journal pages are not necessarily easy, but they are doable. Children may need help initially, but what could be more important than a parent helping a child learn how to walk with God? It is worth it!

This journal comes with three levels of the journal pages that are graded according to age or spiritual maturity.

  • The Explorer Edition is for 1st–2nd graders and is designed to teach the children how to talk to God. It includes all of the prayer helps in-line and leads them specifically through their time with God. It also has a 4-week rotation of inline helps to keep things fresh and real.
  • The Trailblazer Edition is for 3rd–4th graders and uses standard question prompts to direct their thinking as they go through their time with God. It also includes a separate, simplified prayer helps section of the journal to help them.
  • The Navigator Edition is for  5th–6th graders and is similar to the adult journal with a few simplifications in terms. It includes a separate, simplified prayer helps section of the journal to guide them.

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