He's Still the Same (Hymn Sheet)

Words by Stephen Zempel
Music by Daniel J Van Gelderen

A digital hymn sheet available in two sizes you can print to insert in your hymnal, use in your orchestra, in your home, or in any other worship setting.



God’s people were pressed to the edge of the sea;
Their enemy swore they would never be free.
With a rod in his hand, Moses called them to stand,
And God made a way where a way could not be.

He’s still the same, My God hasn’t changed.
When we take a stand, He still shows His wonderful, powerful hand.
He’s still the same, My God hasn’t changed.
Oh, praise His name for He’s still the same.

The prophet on Carmel had no friend at all,
But trusted in One who would answer his call.
All the men of the land saw his powerful stand,
And turned to the God who could make fire fall.

For three men who wanted to walk with the Lord,
A furnace a flame was their only reward.
But it seemed, in their stand,
One was holding their hands;
Revealed in the flame was the face they adored.

The host of the Lord is still facing the foe,
But Jesus advances before as we go.
At His word of command, No opponent can stand;
Our God overcomes as He did long ago.


Product Details

PDF Size

5.5" x 8.5", 8.5" x 11"

Music by

Daniel J Van Gelderen

Words by

Stephen Zempel