On Bended Knee (Hymn Sheet)

Words by Stephen Zempel
Music by Daniel J Van Gelderen

A digital hymn sheet available in two sizes you can print to insert in your hymnal, use in your orchestra, in your home, or in any other worship setting.



Lord, I need Thee ev’ry moment.
What have I to offer Thee?
Nothing but a wounded spirit,
Broken heart, and bended knee.

In the stillness of this hour,
Lord, I would go on with Thee
Ever onward, in Thy power,
As I wait on bended knee.

By Thine all sufficient merit,
Thou hast raised me to the throne.
Thou hast touched my broken spirit;
Thou hast made my heart Thine own.

At the mighty name of Jesus,
Ev’ry foe must bow the knee;
And that holy name, so precious,
Thou hast given now to me.

By the name that Thou hast given,
Let the broken be made whole.
Let Thy will, the joy of heaven,
Fill the earth and flood my soul.

When the veil at last is severed,
Still I would go on with Thee
At the throne of grace forever,
Evermore on bended knee.


Product Details

PDF Size

5.5" x 8.5", 8.5" x 11"

Music by

Daniel J Van Gelderen

Words by

Stephen Zempel