When He Is Near (Hymn Sheet)

Words by Stephen Zempel
Music by Daniel J Van Gelderen

A digital hymn sheet available in two sizes you can print to insert in your hymnal, use in your orchestra, in your home, or in any other worship setting.



Though sin and self have marked my way.
Though from Thy side too oft I stray,
I cannot leave Thy care.
Wherever I may be,
Oh Love that first loved me,
Thy love is there.

And He is here, My Lord is near;
His presence real, His touch I feel His voice I hear.
His love shines in, All doubts disappear;
I live again When He is near.

I long to know Thy love divine,
Thy power real, and really mine,
Thy presence as before.
To see each stronghold fall,
To know that Thou art all,
My life, and more.

A tree that grows in barren lands,
A stream that flows through desert sands
Thy presence is to me.
Through darkest night, a song,
The golden light at dawn
Thou art to me.

Oh, Thou the One my soul loves best,
Within Thine arms I find my rest,
And here I would abide;
My heart so close to Thine,
Thy presence ever mine,
So near Thy side.


Product Details

PDF Size

5.5" x 8.5", 8.5" x 11"

Music by

Daniel J Van Gelderen

Words by

Stephen Zempel