Divine Appointments

by Walter L Wilson

A sequel to Just What the Doctor Ordered, Walter Wilson shares 25 more inspiring soulwinning stories that will encourage and strengthen your faith.



We observed a man about fifty years of age walking down the aisle carrying a suitcase…

“Why did you bring the suitcase?” I asked.

“I brought my night-shirt in it, because I expect to stay here until I get saved. I am not going home until I know that I am a real Christian.”

When the Holy Spirit enters the picture, the work of soulwinning becomes a miracle – a series of remarkable encounters that bear the unmistakable mark of His leading and presence.

As a ready and willing instrument in the Lord’s hands, Walter Wilson witnessed this extraordinary power firsthand over and over again. Because he was a doctor, a salesman, a businessman, and a preacher, Wilson enjoyed contact with an amazing variety of individuals. This collection, a true account of these opportunities, will leave you engulfed in wonder…and joy.

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