John R. Rice: The Last Revivalist of the Twentieth Century

by John R. Himes

Written by his grandson, this biography gives an inside look into the life and ministry of one of the greatest revivalists of the 20th century.


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John R. Rice was an evangelist in the mode of the great revivalists of the past: Charles Finney, D. L. Moody, R. A. Torrey, and Billy Sunday. As a young man he held tent revivals, which resulted in souls saved and churches planted. He went on to hold local church revivals as well as great citywide campaigns and saw hundreds saved and revived that way. His Sword of the Lord newspaper eventually became his main revival tool and was influential not only in Baptist circles, but across the evangelical spectrum.

As an author, Rice wrote books that were printed in the hundreds of thousands and that blessed both laymen and preachers. His little book on Heaven sold over 700,000, and his book on prayer, Prayer: Asking and Receiving, was similarly used of God and is still in print. His most famous tract, “What Must I Do to Be Saved?” saw over forty million copies printed in many different languages.

A cowboy preacher from Texas who was criticized by some for his boldness and unpopular positions, but beloved of many for his courage and unswerving loyalty to Christ, Rice broke the mold. His simple but deep faith in God allowed him to see tens of thousands of souls saved. You will be encouraged by this book and will see that you too can be greatly used by God!

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