Just What the Doctor Ordered

by Walter L Wilson

A compilation of 32 soulwinning stories from the life and ministry of Dr. Walter Wilson.



“Can you tell us how to be saved?”

“Yes, that is my principal business in life.”

Such was the philosophy of Walter Lewis Wilson, medical doctor, salesman, businessman, preacher, but most of all, spirit-empowered soulwinner. Whatever activity was occupying him at the moment, he was always seeking a lost soul whom God had prepared to receive the gospel. With a remarkable passion to turn every situation, however unlikely, into an opportunity for the gospel, he helped lead multitudes of people from all walks of life to know the Savior.

Dr. Wilson, who died in 1969, recorded many of his remarkable experiences in a series of books to instruct and inspire others in the great work of spreading the gospel. They were like fascinating textbooks on soulwinning, showing by example how compassion, imagination, and boldness under the guidance of the Holy Spirit are keys to effective witnessing for the Lord in everyday life. Just What the Doctor Ordered is an anthology of over thirty of those soulwinning stories for the benefit of a new generation.

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